Most frequent questions and answers about ColDesi Graphics Services.
This means the art is ready to go into production. Its been tested, sew out, and double checked so you and your team go right to work.

Simply SIGN UP and start completing the order form. If you already have a Colman & Company account for supplies, just log into your account. You can now order supplies, graphics, and blanks all in one place!

You will need to provide: size of art, image to upload and be sure to have specific PMS numbers for colors if you need those in your art (If having exact colors isn’t needed, then our artists will choose based on the image you upload).

Every piece of art is unique to our digitizers and graphic artists. This is why we don’t run just a flat fee, but have tiered pricing. Specifically we give more complex art, more time. Including sewing out every digitized design (even if it takes hours). If you need a quote ahead of time, you can complete the quote form after you log in and we will give you an exact price.

Digitizing starts at $29 for a small design. This includes our full service of digitizing, run sheets and a sew out on the style and fabric you choose. We will send you the design, a scan of the sew out and an approval sheet (including full color scan) you can share with your customers for approval.

No, You can provide written descriptions and our team can put something together. However, providing details and images can help our team get exactly what you envisioned.

Absolutely, this is our specialty. Give us something that needs a lot of work, and we will make it look amazing for you.

Yes, our vector art services allow for you to choose adobe illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw and more. Our ‘bling’ art services will arrive in a DSG format you can edit in Sierra HotFix. Embroidery you can choose various formats, but editing these will be limited to your file and software capabilities.

You do have to certify you own the rights to the image, or have permission to use the art provided if you want to use our art services.

There are two answers to this. If we made a mistake in the art based on your request, we will absolutely fix that. However, if you advised us to make something, and decide to change it later, you may be subject to a rework charge. We keep these fees minimal, depending on your order.

Most designs are delivered within 1-2 business days. Complex Designs can take up to 3-4 business days.

We provide quality control on all of our art, however if a mistake were to happen, just contact our customer service when you are logged in via email or live chat.

Yes, we can. Just include the original art and write up what you would like altered. No problem. We do this stuff all day.

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