Legacy Login

Use the login below to access orders previously submitted through coldesi-graphics.com. To place new orders, please use the ORDER GRAPHICS button to visit our new and improved home and Colman & Company.

IMPORTANT: Do not place orders through the legacy login. For new orders or revisions, please use the ORDER GRAPHICS button below.

Step by step


Here is an example of ordering an embroidery design using ColDesi Graphics. We are going to show you the process we took to get this embroidered patch design.

First we selected a design, we wanted digitized. In this case, a client wants his comic book character digitized into a patch that he could sell in his online store. We took a sample page from his comic book and sent it to be digitized.

Step 1: Submit Order

After you login, you will see a screen like below. Select Digitizing for Embroidery, Rhinestones or Spangle Designs. For Vector Art for vinyl, heat transfers, etc., select Vector Art.

Step 2: Quote Email

You will get a quote very quickly in your email box. Review quote and make adjustments to what you need based on the quote. For example, maybe ask for something with fewer stitches, applique. When OK with quote move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Place Order

From the menu bar go to Quotes, View Quotes. In the menu bar select Details to make sure all the information is correct. Then scroll all the way down and click on the Convert to Order button and place your order. Make sure you select the type of the thread you want used and the file format that works with your embroidery machine. You can select more than one file format. Any additional information important to the job add it to the Notes section.

Step 4: Review Art Alert

You will receive an email with an Alert to view Artwork. Login and on the main screen click Alerts. Then click on the magnifying glass to view the artwork.

Below is the artwork I received back. The patch was not in the shape I had envisioned so I uploaded a revised artwork showing how I see the patch should be. See second image below. Now granted I wasn’t very explicit on my first instructions.

Artwork received from ColDesi Graphics.

Revised artwork I submitted back to show changes that needed to be done.

Step 5: Review Digitized File

When digitizing is done you will receive an email stating the order is completed. Within the email are the files but you can also access them in the portal. Login and go to Completed Orders. You will also receive a pdf with the stitch count, color changes.

Below is a jpg received showing the file stitched out.